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Car Parking Puzzle

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  • Car Parking Puzzle

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    Car Parking Puzzle Description

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    Car Parking Puzzle Mikhail Yureyovich, emigrated to the U.S. in ‘. Attained U.S. citizenship two years later. Give me his Social Security number. . Ah. Perfect. You have that? The doctor served with Cherevin in Afghanistan. It looks like he’s been subsidized for years by Cherevin’s firm. He’s got at least four offshore accounts. FEMALE ANALYST: Found the pay phone! JACK: Uhhuh. Six blocks away. Let me see. They ran it, but it didn’t cross with anything. All right. All right. Here, here. Someone called a pay phone in Pennsylvania from the pay phone nearest to his house. Pennsylvania Game Pennsylvania Game Pennsylvania Game Seventeen calls. That’s it! That’s it. That’s it. We’re searching for recent nonresidential real estate transactions made by Yureyovich. Like a warehouse or storage facility. Got it. Barn at Swallowsdale Road and same zip code as the pay phone. Sold six months ago to Dr. Mikhail Yureyovich. All cash. ANALYSTS SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY He’s in Pennsylvania. Nobody blows up Pennsylvania, Jack. Tom, he’s in Pennsylvania. WHIRRING You’re going to Pennsylvania. That’s right. Get FBI to that barn. I need people there now. Thank you. We still don’t know where the attack’s gonna come, Jack. If Borovsky’s on the move, we need to know where the hell he’s going. Cell phone triangulation. Where does this guy travel to? Where has he gone? Michigan, Michigan. Michigan. He hasn’t been anywhere. Bullshit! We’re not digging hard enough! Everybody goes somewhere. It’s his parents. They’re a unit, right? They’re a unit. If he didn’t travel somewhere, maybe they did. Where did they go? Did they post pictures online? No, no, no. They wouldn’t do that. They’re too smart for that. We’re looking for extended family. Look for extended family. Oh, did they hit anybody’s Instagram, Facebook, Hopscotch? Reddit? FEMALE ANALYST : Nope, none. JACK: Here. Image Looker. An uncle in New York. Borovsky’s father accessed the account from his phone four times, right here. Put it up on the main screen. Get it up. CHANG: They’re going to hit Manhattan. JACK: Jesus.

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