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Cat Pharaoh adventure

Cat Pharaoh adventure


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Cat Pharaoh adventure Description

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Cat Pharaoh adventure Doctor, is there no medicine which will shift it out from the feet. Yes, doctor, give me such a medicine. It’s alright, go to the office and take an admission. Fine, I’ll do it. Don’t worry, Murarilal. My name is not Murarilal! It’s Chandranath. Anand, do you want to stop my business? Why were you teasing him? Teasing him? No! I was praising you. May I come in, sir? Matron! Oh my God! Come in, Mrs. D’sa. Sir, Dr. Banerjee is waiting for you. Fine. What are you doing here? I was praying. Where did you run away? Home. Home? Dr. Banerjee’s house. Why didn’t you tell me? I was scared. Do you know Dr. Kulkarni scolded me because of you? So what? You’re scolding me too. You talk too much. Yes, I do. That’s why I ran away. I can’t survive without talking Game and you told me to lie down quietly. Am I strict for my well being. I have to take care of kids like you. Doesn’t a mother scold her children? Yes, I realized that later. Why does everyone call you sister? They should call you Mother. Mother Matron. You’ll listen to this mother. Yes, we’re friends now, mother. Then come to the cabin. No, not to the cabin. I’ll perish there alone. Take me to your house. I’ll tie you up. No one can tie me up mummy. I’ll go away on my own. Good morning, Mrs. D’sa. Good morning, doctor. Will Anand stay with you? Yes. He doesn’t like your nursing home. Wherever he stays, he wins over people. He was just saying, why do people call you sister? They should call you Mother Matron. He’s right. Dr. Banerjee, what has happened to him? He Game Lymphocercome of the Intestine. Oh! Is it in the first stage? Will he be alright? No, sister, he’s in the last stage. God bless you. Let God bless you with enough children. Naughty. Who? Me or God? Aren’t you ashamed? What did I say? When one grows up, there’ll be a young one Game and when he does there’ll be another one Game Keep quiet. You utter anything. You’re making fun of God. Mrs. D’sa Please come in. You didn’t invite me, but how can I forget your anniversary? Your favorite flowers. No, I’ll give it to both of you together, Sir.

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