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Cat Pharaoh Time

Cat Pharaoh Time


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Cat Pharaoh Time Description

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I got a club I’m putting together downtown. It’s what you’re doing today, but you get paid for your time. I never thought about it. Staying for dinner? Yeah. You doing anything? Not tonight. I’d be crossing the line Games Cops on one side, everybody else on the other. Come on in. This has really been nice. Usually, dinner for me is a bunch of us sitting around boring each other with war stories. That’s why cops stick together. Nobody else could stand us. You’ve never been married? No. Nope. She’ll try to line you up with one of her friends. I’ll get her, Jack! Sorry, Michael. She smells that meat and goes crazy. Meet me around the front. I’m sorry. I’m still a little freaked. That’s OK. That’s understandable. I can’t believe you’ve never been serious about anyone. No. Cops and marriage are a tough combination. I can’t believe how much I’m talking. When I was a kid, I hardly ever talked. When I was in school, I never talked. I was famous for it. Oh, well, take it from a teacher. We love those quiet little boys in the back of the class. Don’t you believe her, Pete. She loves all kids. Oh, that’s what’s missing. I’m surprised you two don’t have a few running around. Michael, I’m Games I’m sorry about bringing up kids. That’s really none of my business. I just wanted to thank you. You really went out of your way. I can’t tell you what you did for Karen. She’ll bounce back. She’ll bounce back quicker because of you. What about you? Have you bounced back? I don’t know. Guy gets his hands on your wife like that, you feel pretty helpless. You did what you could. You showed a lot of balls going up against that guy. There was one moment there where Games he had ahold of her, and I had that golf club, but I thought I could just Games I didn’t Games didn’t take the shot. A nightmare when you think about what could’ve happened to her. I wouldn’t mind one more shot at that son of a . Really? Hell, yeah. I’d like to kick the out of him. I’m sure you would. Wouldn’t you? I already know what I would do. I was just wondering about a nice civilized guy like you.

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