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Causality Time 3

Causality Time 3


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Causality Time 3 Description

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Causality Time 3 Let me introduce us. We are the Crazy School. You didn’ get to meet us yet. Well, let’s get introduced then. The fun is starting now. What the hell’s going on? That’s the way you do it I’ve been waiting for you the whole morning. Where are you still? Uhh Game uhh, uhh. You never seem to have anotheranswer. You are a stupid and idiotic girl who continually makes up excuses. What time is it? Didn’t I tell you the wake up early in the morning and buy my cosmetics? I just woke up. I’ll get them. Well you shouldn’ bother dear. I can just go out without any makeup. Don’t just stand there like an idiot and get on with it at once. Move. Stupid, dumb ass, imbecile. Thank you. Don’ you have a competition to attend? Yes. Of course I do but Game Game when a person is constantly on one’s mind Game Game and he’s constantly thinking about her Game Game he can focus neither on the competition Game Game nor on life. Zeynep. I’ve fallen for you. I’m fine, don’ worry. Nothing’s wrong. I’m good. Oh man, what a thing to happen now? Can’t believe what you got yourself into Ali. The Apache of the rich babies are really unique. Check it out guys. Wait a minute man, let me try grounding this. What the hell is happening to you guys? Don’t over exaggerate man. Bro, my body still full of charge man. I can’t even play the game from getting electrocuted. You’re really messed up man. Don’ play the game then bro. There is a tournament bro. Atournament. How the hell am I going to put on the golden crown with this hair? Here comes witch Sila and hergang. Bro, they are totally crude. These psychos tote their leather bags even to the beach. Who knows how many innocent animals were killed Game Game so they could show off to each other? Almighty god. Firildak Game Game I would bet you could churn butteron those hips in seconds. What beautiful asses those are? We really need to cool off! You are really ruthless girls. Chicken. Here birdy birdy birdy. Chicken. Chicken. Sadri? What are you doing? My tips seem to have paid off. You should really do this

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