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Challenging Room Escape

Challenging Room Escape


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Challenging Room Escape Description

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Challenging Room Escape cause they staring at my shoes wewewe make love to the night in the back of the club, yeah, we feeling all right the lights, the lights low, this shit feel crazy lowkey loose niggas know we gettin wavvy we getting wavvy, yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy we getting wavvy, yeah, wavvy yeah, wavvy we getting wavvy, yeah wavvy, yeah, wavvy we getting wavvy, we getting wavvy, yeah, wavvy Yeah. Yeah, you remember back in the days when we used to rock waves and shit? when, like, yo, I had the ing , my nigga like, nobody in the hood was ing with my shit and thats real shit uh, since nine five, mama been working nine five and I know the landlord fed up with our lies so we pray to the gods, the jahs and the allahs to keep us safe and watch our lives cause all we tryin to do is do good put on my hood when I walk through hoods cause these niggas these days is loco youll get it in ya vocals if you aint a local yeah, thats why Im tryin to go global yeah, thats why Im tryin to be a mogul and Im hopeful that me spittin it soulful will have me in the daily postal flying coastal, eatin tofu like I told you, I know niggas who trash rappin worried about the trendin fashions rather than descendin passion they want me send em tracks, but I just send em laughin right after I start laughin they start askin what happened Im back to the chapter mama told me follow dreams and never have to answer to so thats what I do, became an mc master since then its been a disaster for you and your favorite rapper go ahead, ask em “who is Joey bad?” watch em gasp, asthma, damn, its so sad he paused the chatter cause he know he rather back up than to admit the kid is hotter than magma but it, you gotta give credit where its due cause you aint gon like the karma when its set up on you, it can get you on your medical you up in the decimals or get you two to three for residue found in your retinal uh, and they told me not to be so complex dumb it down to accomplish articles in complex and the source, Alfredo, of course there I go again, steppin out

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