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Cheating Lover 2

Cheating Lover 2


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Cheating Lover 2 Description

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You! Over here! Right now! Help me out! Get him under the arm! Get him under the arm. Go! Clear! Nice and easy. All right, take off his ACH. Give me some light. You’re gonna make it, you’re gonna be all right. What is it? Am I gonna die? Cook, breathe, you need to calm down, okay? Please? Open my bag. Let me know what you want me to get from here. Just open it. All right, I need you to calm down, okay? You’ll be all right. What the hell is that? What is it? It’s got fins. Holy shit, is that live ing ordinates? You can’t touch that, Doc. We need EOD. Please, please, I promised my son I was coming home. You’re gonna cut him open here? Hold him down. Please! Please, God, I don’t want to die. Don’t move, okay? You okay, Swann? Yes, sir. I heard about what you did out there. If he pulls through, it’s because of you. Shit luck on your last day. What’s up, Swanny? Boy, you suck. Welcome to the party. Ah, it’s good to be at the party. Ducky, my man. You know your kid is gonna go apeshit when he sees you? He better. All right, one last one. No! No, no! You gotta be in it. Say Hadji. Come on. Come on. This is the happiest day of my life. Hands down, bar none, the happiest ing day of my life. Mine, too. Left face! On behalf of Fort Bliss, and a grateful nation game thank you for a job well done. Welcome home and be safe. Captain. Company, attention. Dismissed. Maggie. Hey. Welcome back. Thanks. How was your flight? Long. Where’s Paul? Oh, Paul, he game He just wasn’t on my way. I got caught up with a client. I was showing him one of those developments over in Mesa game and the guy said, “Great, I’ll take it.” And the next thing you know, I gotta check credit and get a deposit. Richard, I know what it takes to sign a lease. I can still tell when you’re lying. Goddamn it, wait a minute. Maggie! What? You know game he didn’t want to come, all right? I tried to talk him into it, and he didn’t want to come. I think he’s a little bit confused right now. You know, it’s been months since you’ve been gone game so game that’s a lifetime for a little kid.

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