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Chocolate Ice cream Puzzle

Chocolate Ice cream Puzzle


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Chocolate Ice cream Puzzle Description

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Chocolate Ice cream Puzzle It’s no use. We’ll try. Are you ok? I dreamt Maxime was drowning. How many have you had? Leave me be. I’d like to talk to Timur. Is he your dad? Is he here? He’s at football. At a game? No, he’s training kids. Far from here? No, close by. Take that street and you’ll see the posts with the lamps. You see? Thank you. Goodbye. Hello. I’m looking for Timur. He’s over there. On the far pitch, training the juniors. To get there, go back out and turn left. Thank you. Timur! Hello. Your daughter told me you were here. I was round at your place. I wanted to see you about the vote on the bonus and me being laid off. Juliette and I saw Dumont. He’ll let us hold another ballot Monday because. JeanMarc in?uenced people by telling them that Dumont wanted to lay off staff anyway. So if it wasn’t me who was made redundant, it would be them So I wanted to ask you if if you’d vote for me to stay on Monday. Of course I will. I’m really glad you’re here. I’m so mad at myself for voting for my bonus. I’m sorry. Don’t be sorry. I can understand. , euros No I’m ashamed. I even forgot what you did for me. Remember’? When I broke those cells and you said you did it. You remember’? Yes, and JeanMarc even said, “Fine example to set the new guy!” I’m really glad you came. How many agree to go without their bonus? Four There’s Robert, Juliette, Kader and four with you. I still have nine to see. You’ll manage it, I’m sure. Seen Miguel yet? No, not yet. I’ll call him. I have to go. Goodbye. See you on Monday. Thank you. Goodbye. Good luck! Yes? Who is it? It’s Sandra. lwork with Hicham at Solwal. I came up because the janitor said the poweris off and the buzzers don’t work. That’s all right. Are you Hicham’s wife? Yes, but he isn’t here. When will he be back? I don’t know. Could you call him to find out when he’ll be back? Or if I can see him where he is? Sony to insist but I really need to see him. He can help me to keep my job and stay off the dole. Aissou Aissou, bring me the phone, please. Thank you, sweetheart. Yes, even/thing’s fine, yes.

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