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Circuits Link 2

Circuits Link 2


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Circuits Link 2 Description

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Circuits Link 2 Over. Not exactly. Over. Call Bamse Pub. Its probably parked there. Over. Maybe its parked behind Kiwi. Why did you kill the farmer, Kjikerud? I have no idea what youre talking about. Dont even try. Your Mercedes was parked in Sindre Aas barn, and you drove his tractor into a ditch. Ive never heard that name. We have several witnesses who saw Game There is no truck parked outside Bamse Pub. No, but Ive got more urgent matters now. Over and out. But, Kjikerud Game Maybe you could check behind Kiwi. We have several witnesses who Game Damn, there it is! Brugd here. Call Egmon. I can see his truck now. Probably his son stole it again. Over. What are you doing, Brugd? Well, like I said, Kjikerud, we have plenty of evidence, and still you deny everything. So start feeding me details, because you lost me completely. Aas neighbor found you in the ditch beside the tractor. We developed this jelly containing hundreds of transmitters per milliliter. It adheres to all materials. Its invisible, and just about impossible to remove. I love you. You just sit there repeating the same thing over and over again. We have to get out. No, we dont have to get out. Hes going to kill us all. Relax, Kjikerud. He has rubbed transmitters into my hair! Do you realize what youre saying? We have to get out! Calm down. He wants to kill me! He rubbed transmitters into my hair! We have to get out! Hes going to kill me! Calm down! We have to get out! No, we dont have to get out. Hi, this is Diana. Hello? Hello? Roger? Is that you? After finishing here, we go to Forensic. Yes. And then well have a look at Kjikeruds house. Eh? Hi, Im a single girl from Gjøvik. I think you are Norways most y policeman, and the best. Would you like to meet me? I agree to just about anything. What the hell happened here? Lotte, wait. Wait. What are you doing here? Please let me in. What happened to you? I need help. Please. Thank you. I dont mean to involve you in this. In what? When they ask, dont lie. Just tell them I was here. Tell them I forced my way in. What happened?

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