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Cold Escaping 2

Cold Escaping 2


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Cold Escaping 2 Description

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Cold Escaping 2Not tomorrow. This is a big deal, Ove. We only have a couple of days. One oclock! Yes, okay. You are so sweet. Good morning. Listen. Yes? What you said yesterday about the future. Yes? Does it include the sound of tiny feet shuffling along these corridors? Maybe. Dont give me maybe, Roger. I told you yesterday that everything will be fine, and it will. But I want that conversation now. Definitely, but I have an important meeting first. Do you think Im stupid? Hmm? You have an important meeting? Yes. A meeting that was set up during the night? I have to go. Ill call you later. What are you so scared of? Nothing. Im scared of dogs and you when you are like this. Dont just make jokes about it. If you want us to be childless the rest of our lives, I would really like to know. Didnt you hear me? Well have the conversation, but not now because I have an important meeting. Ive tried to talk about this for seven years, Roger. And it will take another seven years if you keep nagging this way. I didnt mean that. You will never give me a child. So Game how many millions are we talking about? Maybe up to a hundred. A hundred? This happens every time, Ove. Eh? Ive told you I dont like those things lying around. Dont start again. You know I always carry weapons. At home, Ive got weapons everywhere. Got a gun within reach in every room. You should get one as well. Sooner or later theyll be coming. We do it this way: You go to Gothenburg and get a reproduction. There are many available, but we need a good one. I have lunch with Clas Greve on Monday. Then I will get Game Ove? Women. Like I tried to say before I was interrupted by a Russian prostitute, I have lunch with Greve on Monday. Ill find out then when the apartment is empty, so that I can fetch the painting. You go to Sweden immediately. Now. Okay. No, shit, I cant. What? Im busy. Busy? Natasha is here. Im making a film with her before she goes back. Film? Ive arranged everything with the guys at work. Theyve changed shifts and everything. Youre filming her? Its such a long time between her visits

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