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Cold Escaping Adventure

Cold Escaping Adventure


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Cold Escaping Adventure Description

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Oh, but darling, I You cannot. You will be Rico’s wife. I would give up my shell and one of my claws for you. I am flattered. It is nice to be appreciated for once. Alice! You and Rico will have many children. Beautiful little half crab, half shrimps. Crimps or shrabs. Ay mi madre. What dancers they will be. This is insanity, Claws. Alice, please. Don’t leave me. You promised. Oh, I screeching I I oh. Rico, gracias. I will never forget this moment. Oh. Rico hate to see you go. But he loves to watch you walk away. sniffing It is so sad to see. Don’t look. Was that necessary? shouts One last thing, my sweet. Beware of the smiley face. Smiley face? Come on. Rico The smiley face. Amazing. Unbelievable. Pure genius. Deep, you really think so? Oh, yeah, I mean if I hadn’t forced you out of your comfort zone, those crabs would have never let us p. frustrated groaning What? Sometimes you just need a visionary, like yours truly. Alice Ugh! all Whoa! Deep We made it! The City of Men. It’s incredible. Alice Yeah, incredibly empty. Why would you make all this stuff and then destroy it? Yeah, I thought they were supposed to be smart. Alice Oh, maybe that’s Nathan’s house. It’s big enough. Deep Let’s check it out. Here we go. Evo Not so fast, Deep. whimpers nervously Wait for me. all Whoa. Deep Wow, it’s so amazing. Look, what’s that? Deep, come here. We must be careful. Oh, seriously, I think we should be looking for Nathan. Oh, come on, Evo. You’re such a party pooper. Let’s have some fun. laughing giggling laughing Look, what’s this? Ugh, it’s icky. I want one. I think it’s a human being. It can’t be. I thought they’d be bigger. Well, they’re not so impressive after all. Let me deal with that. Weak, and it’s not even tasty. Come on, let’s see what we can find. Can’t see a thing in here. Evo, do your thing. Yes, Deep. screaming Deep Oh no, swim! Evo Where to? We’re surrounded. It’s all your fault, snake. They’ll gobble us up raw, not even grilled. Shut up, sea louse. Are they his parents? Sir, we’re really sorry. We didn’t mean to eat your baby.

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