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Cotton and aircraft

Cotton and aircraft


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Cotton and aircraft Description

Cotton and aircraft, Cotton and aircraft Games, Play Cotton and aircraft Games

Cotton and aircraft You think anybody cares? Well, maybe you care. No. No, I don’t. If anything it’s kind of funny. I mean, my dad was a junkie and a twoGamebit con, and my mom was a whore and an addict. And here I am, on my way to my private jet. America. What a country. So, why didn’t you tell us any of this before, then? You didn’t ask. Oh. Well, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice then. Mr. Blunt, did you kill Kevin Neyers? Okay, thank you. Erich, you don’t have to answer that question. Relax, David. I didn’t kill him. That’s ridiculous and they know it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to L.A.. I have another prick trying to blackmail me. What does this one want? My integrity. So, if you want to arrest me for murder, stick around. I’ll be back before dinner. Your uncanny valley bridge is a direct copy of our motionGameparallax vector. Without my work, you’d have nothing. You’re a gnat, Leonard. A little flea. Your app uses simplistic matrixGamevector multiplication limited to linear operation. It didn’t bridge the uncanny valley. I cheated physics. Can’t cheat physics, erich. You stole my code. And you’re about to turn it into minimum $ million in revenue. No. I want to share the credit, and a big chunk of that upside. Hmm. Okay. What’s this going to take, gentlemen? Gamepoint gross split. We’ll give you a ceiling of $ million. And my client would like his name on the masthead right next to Mr. Blunt’s. That’s cute. Two million in cash or we go to court and win. That’s insulting. It’s nothing. It’s $ million more than nothing. Do you really want a messy trial, erich? I mean, you claim to be this big tech genius, this modern Edison. Well Game what if the world learned that you’re just a fraud? You get nothing, you ungrateful prick! You are nothing. When I’m done with you, with all these lawyer fees, you’ll have nothing, which is exactly what you deserve. And Game and credit? Credit? On my masthead? Oh, Jeremy Game I’m going to take you to court and I’m going to kill you. Yeah. And when you’re dead and buried, your tombstone’s going to read, Jeremy Leonard Game Irrelevant.

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