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Cunning Raccoons Adventure

Cunning Raccoons Adventure


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Cunning Raccoons Adventure Description

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Cunning Raccoons Adventure Please, just give me two seconds. Im sorry if its my fault youre feeling this way. Theres really nothing more to talk about. Nothing at all. Do you need money? I miss you. I miss you so much. Lotte. Lotte. Dont contact me again. You look tired. Thank you. Anything wrong? No. A lot to do at work? Quite a bit. I had a meeting today with Pathfinder. And Clas Greve. Did it work out fine? No. He wont get the job? Definitely not. When I get to the office tomorrow, Ill call all the other agencies and make sure he wont get a single job in Norway. Why is that? By the way, did you find your phone? Pardon? Your cellphone. You said you lost your cellphone. Yes, I did. Was it in the gallery or what? Yes. Thats great. Some more wine? Yes. Thank you. Ove? Ove? Ove? Come here. Hi. Hi. What are you doing here? I saw you go down here, and you didnt come out. I got a bit worried. About what? Nothing. Roger. Yes. Have a nice day at work. I love you. Ove? Ove? Ove, where do you live? Nathas Game Not Natasha. Where do you live? Ove? Nathas Game Ove? Ove? Ove? Where do you live? Ove, what happened in the garage? Did you see anyone? Ove, answer me. Ove? Did you see what happened? Was there anyone there? Listen! Was there anyone there, Ove? Was there? What the hell is going on here? Shit, whats going on? Ove, whats the password? Eh? Whats the password? Whats the password for the alarm? Nata Game We have to deactivate the alarm. Whats the password? Nata Game Stop going on about her! Whats the password? Thats what Im saying. Natasha! With sh or sch? Ove, sh or sch? Ove? Ove? How is it going? Ove, how are you doing? What happened? You sat on a syringe in my car. A syringe? Relax. You were lucky. Lucky?! It must have hit your knee, so that you didnt absorb all the poison. You didnt expose us? No way. Did you up? Thats not what this is about! You didnt up, did you? Diana is having an affair with Clas. He wouldnt kill you just because he s your wife! Call ! We dont want the police here! Please, Roger. I need to get to a hospital, or else Ill die.

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