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Cutaway House Big Escape Time

Cutaway House Big Escape Time


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Cutaway House Big Escape Time Description

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Michael! Hi there! Where’s Glass? She didn’t want to come. She didn’t want to come? Dianne is at the police station, and she didn’t want to come? Do you know anything? Nothing. Something with a dog, says the policeman. He should have attacked and injured a boy. What dog? The boy’s dog. The boy was attacked by his own dog? And what has Dianne to do with it? The boy claims Dianne had egged the dog on him. She would have influenced him. Gosh! This is bollocks! Where are they? On the right. I will talk to him. Michael would probably be less convinced, if he had known Dianne before. Dianne? Glass obviously had seen this coming for a long time. To me It became clear that night. Dianne! Glass! What the hell! What are you doing up there? Nothing. Stop this shit! Come down immediately! Did you hear me? In a moment! No! Right now! Bye. Bye. Cora, shall I drop you off? Yes, gladly if it isn’t a problem? No, no. Okay. Did you or didn’t you? Did I what? Incite the dog onto the boy? Dianne? Don’t act more stupid than you are. What do you mean, Glass? Why do you believe complete strangers over me? Because I know you. If you knew me, you wouldn’t ask such questions. How can one really know someone as crazy as you? Crazy, because I have girlfriends, who are not just interested in guys to them? What did I do wrong, Dianne? Do you really want an answer? Yes! God demit! Yes! How much time do you have? I give up. Mum. You didn’t really try … Listen, Phil. You have no idea. No idea. So leave your good advice out of it. How do you do it, making animals come to you? I don’t do anything. But why do they come then? Because I listen to them. What are you doing? Phil, don’t bug me now. Did you do it? Have you egged the dog onto the boy? Don’t be such an ass. Maybe I have held back the dog, When I could do such shit like magic. Then tell her! Then everything will be okay again. Phil, nothing’s okay. And now, please go! What’s the matter with you, Dianne? Why can’t it be the same between us as before? I don’t want to interfere, but … Maybe it’s time … Then don’t interfere. This doesn’t concern you. So please don’t get involved! This is childish! Ah! Then just go! Nobody is stopping you. Please go! Maybe it’s better anyway. You just wait and see. You won’t get rid of me that quickly. Come here. And yet, this does concern me. Because I care about all of you. What the ? Why are you following me? I didn’t. I haven’t been … Okay, yes, okay- Maybe a little bit. I just wanted … You’re not saying anything. Perhaps this has a reason? Drive home. Dianne! Good morning! Hey, handsome! Breakfast? Greens too? Don’t think so. Look who I’ve brought with me! Surprise! Hey, I’ve seen a garden shower outside. Well? Do you want to? What’s wrong? You look like a train has ran over you. OK. Breakfast! Yes. Come! Straight on the ass. Stop. Stop it! Guys, I’ve thought of something. I want to dye my hair. Black. Why not? Look. One day, you will be a beautiful man. Do you think? At home everything is so horrible. With you it’s so beautiful. I’m crazy about you. I feel sick without you,

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