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Cute Grapes Together

Cute Grapes Together


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Cute Grapes Together Description

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Cute Grapes Together You did it without me? Mmhmm. Ahh game I think I’m ready for that kiss now. Yeah? Yeah. You taste like prison. Is it really snowing again? Oh, yeah. Look at ’em, a million tiny, little matchmakers. Thank you, snowflakes. So game Your place or mine? I don’t have a place anymore. Me neither. You are a catch. So are you.It felt stupid to say no. So he shows up and you can’t say no? As if he hasn’t put you through enough. I’ve made an exception. And Marek is cautious. No one will find out. Plus I like doing it. Mum? The boy from the tram invited me to a concert tonight. That’s nice of him. But I don’t think this is the right time for dating. You also managed to train and date my dad at the same time. But I played tennis, it was different. The trainings were different, too. Plus your dad was my coach. You mean you’d rather see me dating my coach? Bohdan? Are you in love already or what? I’m sure your dad would have told you not to rush into that. Fortunately my dad is too far away to interfere. On a tram or somewhere on the road he might dare to say a soft hello Hello, hello, hello, how are you Hello, hello, hello I’m not too blue Hello, hello, are you in a rush? Hello, hello, hello not too much So they say So they say So they say their hellos. I could take you home on my motorcycle. Alright? Alright. Thanks for the invitation. Thanks for coming. I have to go. Good night. Good night. Speed up! C’mon, let’s go! Faster! Last meters! ,. That’s alright. It couldve been better. ,. Why so sloppy, Martina? Let’s check your pulses, girls. Come here. Stop. . You? . Let’s do it once again, ok? No, not anymore. Shut up and go. Add some joy in your dying. Something wrong with your arm? They’re doing well. Are they? They’re my girls. The coach was awful today. Was it this hard last summer? It’s your first day, you’ll get used to it. Hi girls. Hi. Comrade, we enrolled you in a program which helps our athletes develop their skills by means of modern medicine. At our department we chose those who can prove socialist athletes are the best in the world. Dr Pavelka will supervise your health.

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