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Cute Rescue Panda

Cute Rescue Panda


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Cute Rescue Panda Description

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Cute Rescue Panda You said that he met you in high school, right? Mmhmm. So, he thinks that you’re a certain type of girl, and he thinks that he will meet that same type of girl later in his life when he’s ready. But game when he’s ready, that girl’s not going to be there. He has no idea how rare you are. What are those? What? Those? You’re giving me googlyeyes. You totally are, you’re giving me googlyeyes! I’m just really thirsty right now, so those are my thirsty eyes. You look thirsty too. I’m going to get us some drinks. Can I pull a classic girl move and confiscate your biggest, comfiest sweatshirt? And I promise, I will not steal it. Yeah, one sec. Please be a crossdresser. I found some peach schnapps. The bottle was a little dusty but I think the liquor is still game good. So where’s Daisy? San Francisco. You’re with her? That’s a tough question to answer. No, it’s not. See? You just did. Megan, here. Look, let’s talk about this. You have the place to yourself, and, boy game Do you make the most of it. When does she get back? She was supposed to get back this afternoon but her flight got canceled. I heard about that. Apparently there’s this huge game ing blizzard. You know, I always wondered what it would be like to be the other girl. It feels better. Not great, but undeniably better. Hold on. Thank God, it stopped. Let’s take a look at some of the outside stuff. We’re looking at the New Jersey transit making local stops all day long. Here in Menlo park game Can I show you something? Please just leave me alone. I’m not mad. How can I be? I didn’t ask and you didn’t lie. I wanted meaningless game and I got it. Let me show you this. Please. Read. So she dumped you but you still live with her? She didn’t give it to me yet. I don’t understand. And honestly, I don’t care. Three weeks ago she asked me to look for her wallet and when I was looking for her wallet I accidently found this. I didn’t know what to do. So I gave her her wallet back at lunch and then the next day she left for tour. Tour? What is she, like game she’s a DJ.

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