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Dark Room Escape Time

Dark Room Escape Time


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Dark Room Escape Time Description

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That’s awesome. For sure. For sure. They probably didn’t let you listen to much music, huh? No, no, I did. But it was mostly just stuff by the Beatlers. Because my old dad was in band. Did you just say “Beatlers”? Yeah, the Beatlers. Actually, I think I’ve got one of their tapes. Oh Let me Can I borrow that, Logan? Sure, man. I think you’re gonna like this. INHARMONIOUS SONG PLAYING LAUGHS No! They suck. This is definitely the worst song I’ve ever heard. Mmm. I kind of love it. Right? CHUCKLES It’s too bad you weren’t abducted. I bet we would have had fun together. Yeah, I guess. I’m sorry that I’ve I’ve been kind of whatever to you. It’s okay. I’m glad you came out. Yeah, me, too. Give me one of these right here. Oh. Yeah. Aw! Shut up. No, but for real, it’s about to get dark enough. We should go head out set up the next shot. Yes! Let’s do it! It is time. And he’s coming with me. Bye, guys. Have fun. Bye, Merideth. Check this out. All right. No! Mmm-hmm. No shit. YELLS Yeah. You made this? I did. Mainframe right here. Quadrium processor. Dude, it’s going to look so frickin’ good. It’s going to look so frickin’ good. BOTH YELL AND LAUGH Make sure to get out of the way of the frame, so I can animate over the generator. Okay. Yeah. Got it. Ready? All set. What was that? You get it? You mean that fricking bomb that exploded? Yeah, what was that? I worked on it yesterday. I thought our movie could use more big budget appeal! Shit! Did it look cool? You’re telling me I’ve been driving around in a car full of explosives the whole day? I know you said you wanted to use animation but I thought if we did it for real it would be better. Plus, practical effects are a dying art form. You can’t just blow shit up, man. Why not? Because you just SIREN WAILS Shit! OFFICER: Step away from the device. Put yourhands in the air. It’s okay. It’s just the police. They’re nice. I said hands in the air. We are okay. We don’t need any police help. Freeze! Sorry about the mess. We’re just going to finish cleaning up. Thank you.

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