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Death Theater

Death Theater


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Death Theater Description

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What I’ve come to realize? Art is bull. That’s what I’ve, that’s my big takeaway. Can I have a lighter, please? Art is bull? Art is bull. Wow, that’s a choice philosophy. You know who else thought art was bull? Hitler. Why does it always have to come back to the Holocaust? Because we should never forget. We will never, trust me, we will never forget. No, we will never forget. No, we won’t. Because I bring it up to remind us. All the time. Really? One second. Should we open a window or something? No, it’s fine, they know. They actually have a lot of good instruments here. I can’t find a b, though. Well, yeah, no kid wants to grow up to play b. They just end up playing b. Why? Because it’s like. I play b. Look at this cool little kid guitar. That sounds pretty good. One, two, three, four. Did she just count us in? Mm-hmm. Who is that? I don’t know. I think it’s Isis. What is it? Her name is Isis. Oh. She’s a real firecracker. Hmm. Okay. d You and I d I, I, I, I, I I like that. Yeah? Okay. d We can fight d Fight, fight, fight, fight Hey, I think you got your first groupie. Yeah. d Try, we must d Try, try, try, try, try d To find the light d Light, light, light Now bridge. Okay. d Find the fight d Day and night d We find the fight Oh , I gotta get tambo on it. And you gotta stop cursing in front of the kids. Nice. Really good job. Really good job. You, too, up high. Really good job. Ben- Hmm? Where, um Where do you think we go from here? I don’t know. I think I thought that having a kid would just, like, fix everything. Like, I just wanna create something with some kind of meaning, you know. Like, I just wanna find meaning in something. Well, I don’t know what to tell you. It feels like we’re both just stuck. And that leads to anger, and then that leads to fighting. Yeah, I know. I know. And then we just fight. We fight so much. All the in’ time. It’s such a bummer. Yesterday was good. It was, yeah. I felt kind of bad that we, um Stole that kid’s thunder. We hijacked that kid’s party. Yeah, that will him up for a long time.

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