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Dino forest adventure

Dino forest adventure


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Dino forest adventure Description

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Dino forest adventure Would you like me, off, What are you doing? No, Please, What have you done? She’s brought it on herself. Women should be at home, cooking, And not, bang, bang! Try to be the gangsters, What’s wrong? I need a break, I can’t do it, It’s too much for me, Who are these people? Why are we doing this? Okay, I’m sorry, I’m all right, I want only you… We’ll finish it soon, I want only you… The break is over, How can you drive such a junk? PZ by , the nick is “Chancellor”, What’s that? That’s what you’re called in our papers, Don’t you like it? In what papers? One lie and the deal is over, I’ll tell you, when it’s over, Sarnecka shot two innocent guys with your gun, Anything else? I was ed, because of the stupid bitch, You were ed, You, Blacha? Janek, Blacha is gone, Blacha doesn’t exist, You know that she’s doing life in prison? And you? You’re drinking whisky in the best suite, in the best hotel, The bomb under Preacher’s car, How is it, when you bomb your friend’s car? I’ve told you, he wasrt my friend, Besides, I’ve never bombed this motherer’s car, That day at the horse races, Preacher was lucky all the way. That’s at least, what he thought. Preacher owed Wolomin half a million zloty for the transport of cocaine, And he went one step too far. Thanks, Rysiek, That’s just luck, Intuition, Nice convertible, He sure tried to convince the elders, that I had done it. But nobody listened to him. It was two months before everybody made it to the joint. Why are you so mute suddenly? Who did it? Wolomin tried to up Preacher in this way, Stop, Turn off the camera, Turn off the camera, What’s up? Did they bust anyone? I don’t know, The case was dismissed, There were no casualties, Minor financial loss, One woman kicked off, but not because of the explosion, Take away this whisky, Pregnant woman, Rupture of an aneurysm due to shock, Dead on the spot, Yes? How do you know that? I know, A woman died, You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, I’ll pour you some more, Somebody loved that woman, waited for that child,

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