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Draculas Escape 3

Draculas Escape 3


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Draculas Escape 3 Description

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Draculas Escape 3 I didn’t know. Yeah, no, nobody knew. But you still went and you posted the picture Like it’s just no big ing deal, Because you have absolutely no idea what it’s like To be a loser. You want to know a secret? This is the first time on a Friday I’ve actually done anything in, like, months. You know what I usually do on Fridays? I’ll walk you through it. I get home from cl, lay in bed, And I masturbate, Like, viciously, Like, for five hours, Like a marathon. God! And then I go to the fridge, And I get a bunch of food, and I eat my feelings. Then I go to sleep. Every Friday night. I hate college. I ing hate it. I hate everything about it. I hate my cles. I hate my professors. They game the fun out of everything. I’m failing every cl. I’m failing yoga. How do you fail yoga? You know what the worst part of everything is? This whole time we’ve been having this conversation, All I can think about is how happy I am To be in this gym, Because game I ing miss high school so bad. And we will cue the CW soundtrack game right there. I mean, really? We were having a nice moment. You got to be a ? No, honestly, though, I think that heather dumping you Is probably the best thing that could have happened. Think about it. She was giving you A reason to resist your new environment. She was giving you an excuse to hate it. I think you’re gonna like school a whole hell of a lot better When you go back. Okay, seriously, though, we need to leave right now, Because I can’t stand this gym much longer. I promised myself the only way I would come back Is if I had telekinetic powers, And that has not happened today, so let’s go. All right, but I’m driving. What? Why? I know cool places too. You’re not high, but you still can’t catch. Dad’s dead! Dad’s dead. Yo, my dad’s dead, dad’s dead. I can’t believe you like what’s eating Gilbert grape? I thought I was the only one. Are you kidding me? Okay, literally, the only thing hotter Than Leonardo Dicaprio is, like, A retarded Leonardo Dicaprio wearing a ing y diaper. Ugh, that makes me so wet.

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