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Ducking Time

Ducking Time


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Ducking Time Description

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Ducking Time O radha Yes papaji Order two chicken from the meat shop Game and prepare the biryani spices Game Mohit and Mayera are coming home for dinner Game Alright! And listen, make halwa as well. Gursharan Game You know PC Jewelers right? Can you get me a discount? So meet me there! At the South Ex show room Game in one hour Game I’ll call you back. Eighty eight thousand Game with detailed accounts, datewise. I’ve put in five thousand extra, just in case I’ve made a mistake. And if the mistake is of more than five thousand, just email. I’ll you a draft. Where is the damn accounts slip? It’s ok Game I’ll make a fresh one Game I remember everything Game What impression will my soninlaw have of me, if I give him such a ring? Show me a solid one, not these flimsy things. What are you doing madam, Sehgal Sir is secretary to Government of India IAS Game Show us something worthy of his status. Where is your owner, call him Game No no Sir, I’ll show you Game Take a look at this Game Matching rings for the bride and groom. Yes, yes these are solo diamonds right Game What are they called? Sir solitaire.. Solitaire. solitaire. They are good. This will cost you around four and a half lakhs Game No Game Four and a half is too much Game Show us something reasonable. No, do one thing Game please pack these. Here! Please check Game this includes the tickets of your stupid rock show Game So I guess everything is cleared between us. All clear Game Rock show is stupid because I wanted to go Game and to be a cry baby like you and stay home is very clever. I don’t want to be clever like you, I’m fine being stupid. And you know what, clever and stupid shouldn’t get married either. Yes, as if I want to get married. In any case I can’t afford the stupidity of love and marriage anymore. You know Gursharan Yes sir! This boy that Mayera has chosen Game His market value may be less, but his character is priceless Game In my humble opinion, character is the only value sir. Today when I got the interview mail, I thought I’ve tested this boy enough Game I should agree to their marriage Game Correct thinking sir.

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