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Dynamite Jack Adventure

Dynamite Jack Adventure


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Dynamite Jack Adventure Description

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Like a motherer. Oh. Sugar snaps, I, uh, did it again. There you are! Who the hell is this? It’s Danny. And you’re supposed to be watching the TV, keeping tabs. I just checked. Nothing new. You sure? After what I’ve been through today, I thought Anderson Cooper’d be checked in to the Beaumont by now. ADELE: Jesus! His ma’s the one who fixed me up. I gotta go pee. Oh, be my guest, right through there. Just don’t scare the kid. WOMAN MOANS GENTLY EQUIPMENT HISSING FEMALE REPORTER: Still no suspects in Thursday night’s Granville First National heist. Police say they vow to return all . million to the bank, despite it being federally insured. “Bailouts are not the Granville way,” stressed police chief Marvin Howell. MUSIC PLAYING GRUNTS LEVI: No, I ain’t nobody’s taxi to no place. ADELE: But he can’t stay here the night, they’re gonna find us. LEVI: We have to stay here until I get the key. Just trust me. I know what I’m doing. KNOCKING LEVI: You fall in? KNOCKING Danny, you come on out now. Danny! There you are.

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