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Easy Equations

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    Easy Equations, Easy Equations Games, Play Easy Equations Games

    Games Performed yourshow. Games Show? No need to get angry, we spoke about these earlier. Okay, okay, fine. Come with me. I want to show you something. Come. Games Where? Games Just come with me. Games Hold on. I need to take the camera. Games Go ahead. Do you have any idea what this is? Games It looks like the thing that came out of her mouth yesterday. Games Exactly. So? Was she cured because Game Game this thing came out of her mouth? Games She was cured because Game Game the jinn that bothered her left with this. I don’t believe it. You see it with your own eyes. You are recording it. And yet you still don’t believe it. Fine. Before you pulled this out of hermouth Game Games why did you coverher? Games What does that have to do with anything? You threw a cover overher. You were underthere too. This thing was in your pocket and you put it in her mouth. Isn’t that possible? Only the ignorant accept everything, scientists question. Now answerme. Why did you cover her? In orderforthe jinn to leave the body the place should be dark. That’s why I used the cover. Games You could have turned off the light of the camera. Games That would have worked too. But you prefered to cover her. Plus, it is medically impossible for a thing this big Game Game to just come out of a person’s stomach. Trust me, everyone who sees this fıIm will think Game Game that you turned some kind of trick underthe cover. So, no matterwho I cure Game Game you and yourteachers will always say the same thing. You have a chance. And what is that? I will pick a patient, not you. Here is some tea. Thank you very much. Games Enjoy. Games Thank you mother. Mr. Faruk what are these? Tools to avoid jinns and evil eyes. This is a prayer. And these Game Charms I wrote with special pens on special papers. Charms? Charms. Look. Every Arabic letter corresponds to a number. This is called Ebced. When they are alligned effective charms are formed. I got it.

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