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Elsa Go to Doctor

Elsa Go to Doctor


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Elsa Go to Doctor Description

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Elsa Go to Doctor that my days are nearing Game My end is here. Babumushai, no one has faced death. But I’m so unfortunate that everyday and every moment, every second Game on your face Game in your eyes Game No, Babumushai, I can face death Game but can’t bear to see your frightened face. I’ll go away. I’ll leave tomorrow. No, Anand, you won’t go anywhere. You don’t have anyone Game If you ever die, you’ll die here in my arms. That’s the spirit. Do you know my problem? Our spirit of joy is always dampened with melancholy Game and it poisons our cheerfulness. Babumushai, I’m not going to die today. And even if I die Game I won’t leave you alone. I’ll always remain here. Yes, Anand, I know you’re a part of me Game a part of my life. But I’ll miss one thing. What? Your voice, this chatter. Then let’s record this chatter. But first we’ll record your poem. Which one? The one you had written in your college days. Oh death! Is a poem Game Death is a poem Game Yet I’ve promised this poem that someday I’ll meet Game When sleep overcomes even the painful sinking nerves Game the yellow moon rises slowly in the sky Game When the sun sets at twilight and the night is on the horizon Game It’s neither dark nor bright nor night or day Game When our body no longer lives and the soul starts breathing Game I’ve promised this poem that someday I’ll meet Game Now you say something. What? Anything, but you’ll have to talk for my sake. Yes, that’s right. Babumushai, life and death is in the hands of God Excellency. Neither can you change it nor I. We are just puppets on a stage. Whose strings are pulled by Him. When, how and who will go one can never tell Game Anand, sit down. Munna. Yes, Raghu uncle? Can you lend me rupees? yes, it’s in the drawer upstairs. I need four to five days leave. Leave? You’re taking leave. You know Anand’s condition Game I’m taking it for him. I want to go to my village. There’s a temple of a Goddess who is very powerful. I’ll get her blessings for him. I’ve seen the dead come back to life. Go soon Raghu uncle. There’s very little time left.

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