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Escape Death

Escape Death


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Escape Death Description

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Escape Death yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy, yeah, wavvy yeah, wavvy, huh, we getting wavvy When I walk through ‘hoods, ’cause I like your hair as it is. It gets so light in the summer. It’s pretty. I hate it. Yeah, that’s why I’m tryin’ to go global yeah, that’s why I’m tryin’ to be a mogul and I’m hopeful that me spittin’ it soulful will have me in the daily postal flyin’ coastal, eatin tofu like I told you, I know some who trash rappin’ worried ’bout the trendin’ fashions So, what’s your favorite way to masturbate? What? What’s your favorite way to masturbate? What? Just tell me. All right. So, show me. No. Just show me. No. Come on. Nope. No. Have you ever made out with lila? I’ve made out with all my girlfriends but lila. I think you should make out with lila. Lila? No. Thanks. Why not? ‘Cause you could have herpes or something. Thanks. I’d rather have herpes than rabies. Oh. You’ve reached the offices of the president of the United States. Nah. I’m playing. This is Sammy. If I call you back, I call you. If I don’t, then, oh well. It feels so nice. Nice? Really nice. I really wanna be with you. Keep going. Like, I wanna be with you, be with you. I don’t know. Why? ‘Cause you’ve been with other guys. Three. Three’s a lot when you think about it. You know, one, two, three. Is it? Don’t stop. Why does it bother you? It doesn’t. Just forget it. Yo. Hey, Sammy? Yeah. It’s lila, Chiara’s friend. You forgot your shit here. Yeah, I… I kind of need them back. I’m at work. You can swing by and grab them. Um, can I maybe meet you after work tomorrow? Look what Patrick got me. Shh. Stick your finger in there. They’ll suck on it. No. They don’t have teeth. You do it and tell me what it feels like. You’re scared of everything. I’m not, but think what you want. Get on. Do you get dizzy easy? No. Uhhuh. Boo! Sorry. I was just taking a piss. Come on. This way. Do you have a boyfriend? No. Chiara’s always got boyfriends. Well, that’s different. Why? ‘Cause she’s needy.

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