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Escape from the shadows

Escape from the shadows


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Escape from the shadows Description

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Escape from the shadows What’d I say? Alex. Do your way, one more time. Alec. It’s got a “c” at the end of it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s okay. Gotcha, sorry. Well, um game I had a blast, so game Thank you for having me. You’re welcome. My only concern is how we’re gonna sugarcoat this when we tell our grandkids how we met. Right? Yeah. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. So do you wanna grab breakfast or do you normally just take off? Normally? Huh? You said, “normally.” Just game like I do this so much that I’d have a normal and an abnormal version of it? That’s game yeah, that’s not what I meant. I have no idea how often you do this. I told you last night that this is my first time doing anything, you know, remotely like this. Yeah, but come on. Come on. What? Megan, do you expect me to believe this was your first onenight stand ever? Yes! Yeah, no, I mean, the only reason that I am here is because my roommate, she peerpressured the shit out of me. Yeah, she game iled you, or whatever, right? Exactly, and yet I am sensing some distinctly judgey vibes coming from your side of the bed, which is odd considering the team work involved. There’s no judgey vibes coming from this side of the bed. Honestly, I really admire what you did. I wish more girls were that forward. Forward? There we go with the slut thing again. I’m not calling you a slut! I’m calling you a girl who went over to a stranger’s house at midnight. If only there was a word for someone who does that. Wow, you know what, screw you. That was a joke, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You invited me here, just remember that. That’s not quite how it happened but it doesn’t matter. Look, can we please just eat breakfast? I make oatmeal with a little smiley face made out of jelly, and it’s not slutty at all. You know what, save your oatmeal. I think I’m gonna take off. But, um, thanks for having me, it was awesome to get to know you. Have a nice life, Alex. Okay, cool, well, I’m just gonna assume that time was on purpose, ’cause I told you my name is Alec with a “c” like a dozen times. It wasn’t on purpose, but don’t worry.

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