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Escape From Yepi Planet Adventure Time

Escape From Yepi Planet Adventure Time


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Escape From Yepi Planet Adventure Time Description

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but it seems as I was told not to go. Reason. Something very smart, and natural reason to see her again. A discount coupon for just-baked tasty bread? That’s it! Well Games Is Nishimiya-san here? No, she isn’t She is, isn’t she? No, she isn’t Shoko Nishimiya isn’t here. Sorry but, are you really a friend of Shoko? Bye. Nothing. I found a rat. A big creepy one. Don’t be afraid. It won’t come again. Friend Games Huh? Why Games is he here? O–Oh, he is! Ishida-kun! Look! Look! A bike! It’s yours, isn’t it? Good timing! Huh, you were lucky that your address was written on the bike. Wh Games where was the bike? It was abandoned in a rice paddy! I was looking all over for this! I’m glad I got it back to you! Is something wrong, Ishida-kun? H-hey Well.. Your name? Oops! I’m Nagatsuka! I sit just behind you in the class. Oh, I see. Won’t you eat some bread? This is so good, Nagatsuka-kun. Ishida-kun. Ishida-kun! Good morning! H..Hi, good morning! Ishida-kun! Why don’t we hang out after school? As we are now friends. Ishida-kun, come here, come here! What’s wrong with you, Ya-sho? Well. Nothing. Ya Games “Ya-sho”? Sounds like a “big friend”, doesn’t it? Anyway, what are you worrying about? You can tell me anything, cause we are true friends. Nagatsuka-kun. What is the definition of “friend”? A kind of license, or right or something like that, to become friends with someone. Hey, Ya-sho. Give me your hand. Hey, hey. This is friendship. I think, Ishida-kun, friendship exists beyond such words and logic. License? No such things are needed. It’s a ridiculous idea. She is not here. She is, isn’t she? She isn’t! Huh, who are you anyway? I’m Shoko’s boyfriend. Oops! Games Dropped. Ha ha, that not about me, but a bread. O Games oh, really? Nishimiya likes younger guys. I’m a little surprised by that. Ok, at least give this bread to her? This is very good bread. Hey. Don’t come here again, if you only want to satisfy yourself. Are you satisfied? Then bye. Hey boy! My friend wants to see Nishimiya-san! Stop complaining and bring her here right now! Nagatsuka-kun, why are you here? I followed you. Sounds like a behavior of best friends? Haha, so the friend of a turd had a turd hair. Hey, you a turd-hair! Wh—what are you saying?! Say that again boy! Turd-hair, turd-hair, turd-hair! What’s happening? Is that Yuzuru-chan? Oh, no. They are fighting. You, small boy! Nagatsuka-kun Stop it, ok? This is enough, so let’s go home. Nagatsuka-ku Games Oh? Aren’t you the boy from the other day? I–it’s not like that! Nagatsuka-kun, sorry for leaving you! Crap! Crap, she found and met him. Good for you, Ishida-kun! Hey boy. You are peeping now, aren’t you? Let me use it now! What? Ishida-kun is waving his hands and doing something!? It’s sign language. Really!? Wow, I didn’t know he knew that. Hey, you can read their sign language. Then translate it for me! Who was that turd-hair just now? I don’t know such turd. Oops, he was so creepy! S-T-O-P J-O-K-I-N-G! Leave me alone! Tsk! Be careful not to fall, boy. “Honestly,” “I was not sure if it was ok for me to see you again.

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