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Escape to the beautiful princess

Escape to the beautiful princess


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Escape to the beautiful princess Description

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Escape to the beautiful princess No, I haven’t, but I have left a note for the matron. Please call my friend and inform him. Raghu uncle Game Where’s your luggage? No problems. Raghu uncle take him upstairs Game make arrangements in the adjoining room. I’ll call Prakash and inform him. Raghu uncle, sit down. We can check the room later. Tell me who cooks here? Me. I hope you cook well. I’ve two hobbies in life Game Talk and eat. When I talk a lot, I eat as well. Can’t you see my health? Come. take me to the kitchen. Hello, is Prakash there? Where’s he gone? This is Banerjee speaking. At my place, both of them? Okay, fine. I’m calling from home. Come, Prakash, where’s your wife? She’s coming. How did you know? I just called your place. Hello sisterinlaw, you surprised me. Suman has come to invite you. Invite me? I’m fortunate. What’s special? Three years ago I committed a mistake, she wants to celebrate. Oh, your wedding anniversary! He’s smart. He realized what mistake I meant. He made the mistake but I got caught in it. Come in. Babumushai. your Raghu Kaka has made excellent Game I’m caught. How did you come here? It’s not my fault. Babumushai forced me to. I told him you’d be angry He said he’d explain Game and wouldn’t say anything. Don’t be angry with him, he’s all alone. Yes. I understand. You do? Meet her, she’s Suman, my Game Hello, sisterinlaw. Forgive me, I didn’t see you. He’s trying to introduce us. Actually I came from Delhi to meet you. Me! I had an important work. What work? Sing that song which you did before your marriage Game for my friend. Why friend. What a location for a song. Who told you about it? As if you don’t know. You must have told him. I don’t like this. You embarrass me in front of others. But I really didn’t tell him. Yes, he didn’t tell me. It’s astrology. I can do face reading. Your father beat you up before your marriage. No, never. Don’t lie and don’t feel shy. Remember, you went to the movies at Metro cinema Game and you’d sit in the KitKat restaurant opposite Game the cinema and have food with my friend.

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