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Escape Transmorpher 2

Escape Transmorpher 2


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Escape Transmorpher 2 Description

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Escape Transmorpher 2 UhHuh. I’m cool. Oh. I’m currently cool. Oh, okay. So then, just tell me One currently cool thing that you’ve done PostGraduation. What are you doing later? I don’t know, why? ‘Cause we’re hanging out. Really? MmHmm. All right. But I am driving, And I am planning everything. And you have to do everything that I say. All right, deal. All right. Now go continue taking those creepy pictures, And quit stalking me. Is this guy stalking you? I used to wait for her after school By the gates with my books, baby, feeling a fool I used to walk her home every night In the summer or winter, in the sun or ice it list. Okay, what is this, some kind of bucket list? Yeah, except you don’t die in it. I mean, spoiler alert. Okay, this is what I’m talking about. You’re like, so regimented. I mean, everything about you Has to be, like, so ing perfect, Or you, like, freak out. So, what I’m gonna do Is just loosen you up a little bit. I’m not shaving my head. Okay, one thing at a time. Seriously, I’m not doing it. That’s what I’m talking about. You’re so regimented. Look at it. I see it. Look at the way it flows. No, yeah, I see it. Look at how it moves. You know what, this is exactly what I’m talking about. You’re so set in your little perfect Scott hair ways. Fine, okay, can we just do something a little easier To ease me into it? Yeah, absolutely. I thought we should probably start With number four. No, I’m not gonna do that. Yeah. No. Oh, you certainly are. No ing way. No, you’re gonna do it. No. Seriously, just poop already. I’m trying, okay? I have a sensitive stomach. Oh, my god. Turn around. What? Turn around. Seriously? This is ridiculous. Plug your ears. What are you doing? It’s gonna be loud. Ugh. Scott? ! Abort mission! Abort mission! Go, go! It’s locked. Just get in! Get the in the car! Ugh, why weren’t you into poop stuff When we were together? We have fun, we have fun We got the summer nights under our tongues Oh, my god. Don’t even. What game hole. We have fun, we have fun UhUh. MmHmm. We have fun, we have fun Better late than never,

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