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Evil You must defeat

Evil You must defeat


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Evil You must defeat Description

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Evil You must defeat All right, fine! Guys like to do it with the lights on. Noted, awesome, shocked. What else you got? Do you want more? Do you have more? Yeah, I do. Okay, um game What else do you do that I don’t like? Okay, yeah, you do this thing where you stand up from the bed and you kind of turn halfway around and then you get undressed as fast as you can all at once and it’s like you’re getting ready for a physical or something. I have never had any complaints about how rapidly I undress. Most guys like naked me. I love naked you. Naked you is awesome to look at and touch. What I mean is that you could make the gettingnakedthere part a little like game What’s up? Boop. Then you take your bra off the side. You could even imaginary pole, just bring it, smack it. Bring it down game oh God! Bring it up. Do the little ass thing with your underwear. “Hey, I dropped something, my panties.” You can flick it up. You could catch it. Then I don’t care what you do with it. Actually that wasn’t terrible. You should put on heels and try it. Yeah, you’re right, this is weird. No, no, no, manup, finish. Just get ready for an onslaught. Okay, that definitely didn’t sound like it was in the vein of constructive criticism but I will continue, nonetheless. Look, all game I’m saying is that guys like undressing. And you could make it more of a game thing. Okay. Okay. Lastly, when I was inside of you, you started doing this thing game you started helping yourself a little bit and it kind of made me feel like I was being benched. Second string. Noted. Okay. Duly noted. Is it my turn? Yeah. Don’t ever do that. Okay. That’s the international thing. Okay, I don’t know who first taught guys to do the “alphabet with their tongue” thing, but it kind of makes me feel like I’m Helen Keller being game ed by her teacher. And that is not a fantasy of yours? There was a moment, one moment during foreplay in which I was maybe close to coming. And I believe I subtly pointed this out for you. Do you remember what it was that I said? “I’m close to coming.” Yes, uhhuh.

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