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Excellent Escape

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    Excellent Escape What do you say, guys? Can Game we Game watch? Yes. I hope this is the right stuff Joshua picked up. There’s enough to feed her entire kindergarten class. And Game there’s something else Santa Claus brought. Merry Christmas. You guys are going to spoil her. It’s my only niece. I’ve got a right to spoil her, right? Yeah, I guess so. Well, since there is no real food here, I guess I’ll pick some things up from work tomorrow, bring them home. I’ve got something else I want to talk about. I don’t think you should go back to that place. Are you serious? How long do you expect us to stay here? Oh, just Game just until you have a new job Game or another husband. I mean, it’s no problem. You can stay here. It’s home. This is beautiful. Yeah. Your niece, she made it for you and insisted I put it right where you’d see it. Nice. Oui. Hey, man. Guess who’s outside? Let’s get crazy. Where are we going? Loosen up. We’re going to see some friends. How are your relatives doing, by the way? They’d be better if I was there. Well, this little party we’re attending tonight, it’s for their benefit as much as ours. These friends of mine are thinking of betting some serious money on your next fight, Lyon. Just how serious depends on you. We can all retire on this one. Don’t it up. Mr. Lionheart, welcome. We’ve just been watching your videotape. Most impressive. Would you like a drink? Yeah. I’ll have a gin an tonic with a twist of lime, my good man. By all means. Come this way, please. Did you have a pleasant journey? No, man. So, did you get the tape? If you knew what I went through to smuggle this out. What do you think? Not too good. Piece of shit. Well, enough of this. Well, I have to tell you I’m not too impressed. What about you, Mr. Lionheart? We have friends in Hong Kong who say he’ll wipe the floor with you. What do you think about that? Anything is possible. Talk is cheap. You’ve all seen him in action. Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen. As far as I’m concerned, Lionheart is going to eat this bozo for breakfast. And I’ve got a quarter mil ready to back it up.

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