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Expert Hero

Expert Hero


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Expert Hero of line, runnin off course I heard reports that its like ual intercourse with your thoughts when I talk about the shoes in which I walk for it is not faux nor false that this kid from the north speaks with forced supports of reinforced assaults Im sure by now you can assume he never lost unless it was some form of divorce, or a corpse born boss, no days off, child labor let me see those in favor to spin that back like tornadoes Yeah. Go ahead what rap audience aint ready for is a real person you know what I wanna say, a real nIgga Im comin at em a hundred percent real I aint compromisin nothin anybody that talk about me got problems you know what Im sayin? Im comin straight up like if Im a street person thats how Im comin at the whole world and Im bein real about it and Im gon grow wit my music Yeah, but its far from over wont stop till I meet hova and my mamas in a rover till Im an owner of the worlds finest motors I blow like supernovas in your daughter room on a poster known as historys biggest musical composer no disrespect to Bob mar, yeah, another stoner marijuana my odor, and when I get older hope my spermatozoa from my scrotum meets a y ovum like three times, have three kids I hope me and my wife can show em not to make the same mistakes you know that we did I hope they acknowledge the knowledge cause yeah, they gon need it cause when my family tried to tell me I just wouldnt receive it, You owe me bucks. That’s bucks. That’s all I got, Bob. Fuck you. Fuck you, too, buddy. Jesus Christ. Unfuckingbelievable. Thatta boy. She is back to life. Good boy. Crazy old fuck. I got a question for you. You ever hear of a guy’s name who’s Robert Wolf? Toss me the brake cleaner. Who’s asking? Couple of suits. Said they were federal agents. The only Bob I know is you. Why don’t you shut up and listen? This case has been floundering for six months. You dropped the ball. I’m sending Williams. Williams is a robot. Nobody likes him. Yeah, he’s gonna hold your hand. Just stay put. Don’t have an original thought. Hey, AI. Hey, Joe. You look like shit. So what do you got? Our perp is Robert Wolf. He’s a native from the Mojave reservation. He comes off the reservation and kills this Charles Game Grigsby. That’s right. With a rock. Schaeffer is too close to this. He can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s why I need you to go down there and take care of this. I can smell you from here, son. couldnt believe it till I saw with my own pupils felt bad when I learned that the advice was truly useful but it, only made us as human beings more mutual even though over time our punishments, they grew more crucial so use the word “brutal,” cause my parents mad strict hope one day Ill attract the likes of even madlib go call the mansion and hear my songs mastered until then, all I can do is imagine imagine Im gon make it all happen yeah. Its all right.

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