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    Extraction, Extraction Games, Play Extraction Games

    on these business trips. Like me? No. Like TV. Hey, what’s going on? Owner said my seams suck. Been sanding this shit for two days. Welcome to residential construction. Hey, I’m not complaining though. I mean, I know you’re taking a flyer on me and all. No, seriously, I just want to say how much I appreciate what you’re doing for me. Hey. United, we stand. Divided, we stagger. Game It’s just that Game Game Hey, hey, hey. Ever since I put the liquor down, the slightest thing makes me start crying like a little bitch. I get these feelings coming up inside of me, you know? Feelings are like children. You don’t want them driving the car, but you don’t want to stuff them in the trunk, either. Where do you get this shit? Meetings. Lots and lots and lots of meetings. Game Hey, Mom. I’m kind of busy right now. Game That’s funny. I wasn’t too busy to give birth to you years ago. I’m sorry. How are you? So Judy Berger’s son, Howard, is doing his premed at Tufts, and he’s thinking about going into emergency medicine. So I told her that you would take him around one day next week, show him the ropes. Game No! I can’t. Game Why not? We’re gearing up for our yearly reviews. It’s just a really bad time. Game Yeah, but I promised her. I promised her. Game Hang on, Mom. Game What? Code blue? Game She’s counting on Game Get him into trauma room three stat! I’ll be right there! I gotta go, Mom! Hold on. Hey, Neil. Where have you been, man? Dude, I’m losing it. What’s happening? Everything in this goddamn city makes me want to act out. Game Get to a meeting. Game Yeah, I am, I am. I’m going right now. Good. Neil, how are you getting there? That’s good. Good to see you, brother. It’s looking good. Can I get you some iced tea? Hungry? Yeah. Tea sounds good. David, what’s up? Oh, shit. All right. Well, don’t get into it with him. I’ll be right there. All right. I’m sorry. Okay. Guy on the job just slipped. I gotta go. Come on, you guys are having fun. Stay and finish. It’s all right,

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