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Fast Adventure Octopus

Fast Adventure Octopus


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Fast Adventure Octopus Description

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true With the Smile Sisters, there’s nothing we can’t do There’s magic and wonders and mysteries in store A hero whose mission is to learn and explore in, say, an hour’s worth of ringing that bell? I don’t know. A couple of bucks. Five dollars, maybe? Yeah, sure, maybe. You know, minimum wage is $ an hour, if you get where I’m going with this. Listen, lady, I got a nighttime job. I’m only volunteering here to help out, okay? The money’s not for me. It’s for the needy. Hmm. A volunteer. Well, that’s different. All right, I’ll give you $.. Stop ringing that bell for the next hour. Sheesh. Can you hear me now? Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho! I will have a large. Three shots today, extra strong and Hi. Your usual? Two, please. Great. Uh, excuse me, there’s a line. I know, but I’m running late today, so if you don’t mind So I guess the rules just don’t apply to you? Uh, no, of course, they do, but I’m on my way to work. Oh, like none of us have anywhere we need to be. I’m sorry. I’ve upset you. But you see, I’m an executive, and a lot of people depend on me to be at a certain place at a certain time or it’s chaos. But I’ll go to the back. No, no, no! Since you’re running late and you’re a busy executive, I’ll let you cut in front. Great, thanks. I’m gonna need to clear it with everyone else in line. Uh, show of hands. Does anyone have a problem with What’s your name? Elizabeth. With Elizabeth cutting in line in front of you? Sorry. Democracy rules. Here you go. You are a lifesaver. You work at the Conroy ad agency, right? I do. I just graduated from NYU with a degree in advertising, and I was wondering if you could maybe take a look at my resume. You should really submit your resume to human resources like everyone else does. Time is money to me, and I don’t work in the employment department. I’m vice president, so Oh. Sorry, I didn’t know. What I meant was, sure, of course. Why not? Here’s my card. E-mail me, and I’ll see what I can do. Really? That’s so nice of you. Don’t mention it. Ho ho ho! Spare a penny,

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