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Fast Crazy Hangover Time

Fast Crazy Hangover Time


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Fast Crazy Hangover Time Description

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We uprooted our entire lives, and left everything behind. Let’s see. I was a little older than you. My grandfather was brought here to work on the Trans Continental Railroad. Now, he intended to make money, return to China. You know, he ended up settling in San Francisco. I didn’t know that. Mm-hm. He lived here by himself? Yeah. Eventually, they passed a law so he could bring his family over. By then, his only child, my father, was already a grown man. He had children of his own. You? Mm-hm. But he promised that we would have a better life for the family in America. That’s why we came. Was it better? With everything that’s going on in China right now… cultural revolution… we’re certain that we’re lucky we’re here. But in the beginning, nothing was easy. We were foreigners in this land. My first week in school, I had to do a report about my family. I was to read it in front of the entire class. I… I was so nervous. I hate speaking in front of the group, too. I remember changing everyone’s Chinese names to American ones. My sister Yinwa became my sister Karen. Sumwa became Janet. [laughing] Why? I was embarrassed. I did not like being so different. When we arrived, we did not know anyone. We only had our families for support. Eight brothers and sisters is a lot of support. She could have start a whole China Town by herself. [laughing] You will meet them at the New Year’s dinner, Ivy. Some of them haven’t even seen the restaurant yet. I can’t wait to show it off. We would not have all these opportunities had our families not taken the risk to come here. Always remember that, Ivy. [speaks Chinese] [speaking Chinese] Is this you, Po po? Yes. This is you, Gung Gung. You were young. Still am. [giggling] My sister Sumwa. She’s your yipaw. Thanks Yinwa. Another yipaw. You have her chin. [laughing] I’m sorry about what I said the other night. I love the food you make, and we appreciate your help. The whole family works hard. We’re in this together. Po Po, Gung Gung. You know how to make ningo, right? Ningo. [speaking Chinese] [door opens] What’s that? Ningo. I made it. That’s cool. Jerry and I can throw them like Frisbees. I forgot about these. Yeah. So did Mom. They’ll probably sit there ’til next New Year’s. Missy, shoes. Ivy, Andrew. Dinner. Place looks great. [footsteps] [laughing] If I want to name him Bartholomew, I will. Maybe it’s a girl dragon. Fine. Then I call you Ivy. [chuckling] Surprise. You two did this? We wanted to help. It was Ivy’s idea. She made ningo, too. [chuckles] They also make excellent Frisbees. I’m not kidding. I know it’s your favorite. At the dinner, we should put a sign next to it. “Made by Ivy.” You know, make sure everyone knows, so they could thank her later. We should certainly do that. Come on, before it gets cold. I’m coming to dinner. Uh, yeah, we all are. That’s why we’re headed to the kitchen. The Chinese New Year’s dinner. I… I want to be there. I want to go. It wouldn’t be the same without you. [speaks Chinese] Coach: Great job, tumblers! You’ve all worked hard. We’ve got a real shot at winning tomorrow.

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