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Fast Cunning Raccoons

Fast Cunning Raccoons


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Fast Cunning Raccoons Description

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Listen, do you have a patient named Levi Barrett on any tumor patient lists over there? Now, you know I’m not allowed to tell you that. Laverne, it’s off the record, just like always. Nope, no Levi Barrett anywhere. What about Adele Fantion? No Adele Fantion either. Oh, wait. We got a Mabel Fantion. Her primary contact is daughter Adele Fantion. SIGHS CRICKETS CHIRPING Anybody home? MUSIC PLAYING AIR HISSES GRUNTS Drop that gun now. On the floor. Now! The hell are you doing here? I was just tryin’ to find my son. You’re here alone? Who else would I bring? Didn’t I tell you to wait for my call? You think I’m not doing my job? No, no, no, that that’s not what I How did you know to come here anyway? Uh, you know, just askin’ around town about Levi. Really? Askin’ around? Like some sort of door-to-door canv? And what exactly were you planning to do when you got here? Politely request that Levi just give you your son back? Or maybe you’re gonna shoot him first? Unless you got somethin’ else to trade. That’s what’s goin

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