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Fast Feed Freddy Adventure

Fast Feed Freddy Adventure


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Fast Feed Freddy Adventure Description

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Let’s invite the neighbors. It’s been ages since I’ve you smile! Why are you preparing dinner so early? Hye-ji your grandma is cooking tilefish for you! Go away. Ow! I want to help. No, no. Get inside, sweetie. Go in, some rest. Look at that smile! Are you that happy? Your wish came true! You’re right. Hye-ji came back. The Sea God must really exist! Of course he does. This proves it. I think the Sea God must really exist. Did you still have that? Here, eat this. Thank you. I let go of your hand. I wanted to buy nice things for you. But I got carried away. From now on, we’ll be happy. Let’s all drink up to celebrate Hye-ji’s return! Mrs. Hong suffered so much for all these years! You can’t even tell that she’s an elderly! That’s right. Mrs. Hong will finally be able to sleep well! You’re right. I can’t believe this day is finally here. She looks just like her grandma! Look at her eat! Is it good? You should eat, too. She’s the same age as Han! You used to play together. You should be in high school! Stop running around!

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