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Fast Monkey Go Happy Big Adventure

Fast Monkey Go Happy Big Adventure


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Fast Monkey Go Happy Big Adventure Description

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No, Deep, come back. Sir? gasping What? shouting yelling Whoa! all screaming Deep Move out. all panting Alice Those humans really have some issues. Whoa, this place is cool. Alice Maybe we should get moving. Huh? Don’t worry, Grandpa, we will find Nathan. Everybody, let’s hustle. Huh? Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, wait, I did. All right, Nathan, here we come. Alice How, Deep? We’re out of directions. Let’s go back. Wait, we’re out of directions. screaming Okay, let me think here. Um, Nathan! Nathan! Nathan! We followed you all the way here and that’s all you’ve got for a plan? Shouting, “Nathan?” Do you want me to shout “Beatrice?” I should have just stayed home and died. No one’s gonna die. Listen guys, this plan may be weak, but it’s all we got. Nathan! Nathan! echoing It’s him! Wait, why would he yell his own name? Unless he’s lost, too. Oh, no. I might eat you just so I don’t have to listen to you. Be cool, everybody. Nathan! Nathan! Look, that thing. I saw pictures of it in the pile of trash at home. It goes places fast. We can go all over the city and I bet we can find him. Come on. I wouldn’t just go jumping onto Deep Come on, get in. Hold on tight. Let’s go. Not moving. Guess it’s time to start yelling Beatrice. One second. Ah, just need to pull that out and air rushing metal clanking wheels creaking And how are we going to stop? screaming At the end of the tunnel, a light. Wait, are we dead? Maura Not yet but we will be! screaming Oh, no, we’re going to crash! Jump! crashing chuckles Guess that was the end of the line. Alice Look there, the smiley face. Deep This way, guys. No, no, no, no, no. The crabs told us to stay away from the smiley face. Oh, no, I don’t like this. eels screeching menacingly screaming screeching Evo We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die. We’re gonna die! Run! screaming screeching panting heavily screeching panting heavily screeching whimpering Phew, that was close. Where were you? Deep screams Evo screams muffled speaking Zombie fish. You got to be kidding. Oh, no, we’re trapped.

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