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Fast Portal Quest

Fast Portal Quest


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Fast Portal Quest Description

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Be careful. Here, let me take care of those eggs. Thank heaven they’re not broken. Them eggs won’t break, General. Won’t break? ─ No, sir. Because they is boiled. Goodbye, Zekial. You’ll take good care of your Master won’t you. Indeed I will. And you take good care of yourself, Miss Betsy. Goodbye, Betsy. Goodbye, father. I .. I’d better get down that gangplank. Betsy. This is from our garden. I picked them this morning. Rosemary. Yes, Betsy. For remembering. Sweet. All visitors ashore. I tell you one thing, Tom Jefferson. You’ve a fight on to get the capital of the United States for the South. Yes. And I’m afraid it’s a losing fight. I hope the South don’t count on it too much. Well, Monroe will be able to tell us. If that coach ever gets here. Here it is now. Late, as usual. My luggage. Well, howdy, Jim. ─ Hello, Monroe. Come on, let’s sit here. Well, what’s the feeling about the site of the capital? Yes, yes. What news? The news? The news is, I want a drink. ─ Yes, of course. What’s the feeling of the Southern States?

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