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Fast Snail Bob

Fast Snail Bob


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Fast Snail Bob Description

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are communists? What if they are communists? Are we to send him into the street in wet clothes? At least we can wait till they’re dry. Jaume, what are you looking for? Dictaphones! You’ve been here too long. Next thing you’ll be saying the boy’s a communist. You can’t be too sure of anyone. Gee, these are swell! Sit in that chair, boy. Food will be here in a moment. Now games Tell me, are you a communist? Yes Sir, I am. I thought you disliked all forms of government? I do, but I’m so sick and tired of people asking me if I’m this or that. So then if it pleases everybody, I’m a communist. Boy, bring that chair up to the table. Hot soup and chicken sandwiches, Sir. Sign the check, Jaume. Is His Majesty King Shahdov there? No, he’s gone out. Have you any idea when he will return? He left an hour ago. He should be back any moment. Thank you. You’re welcome. Telegram for His Majesty! There’s a strange kid in that apartment. I’ve never seen him before. Who are you, son? Me? Who are you? I’m the house detective. What are you doing here? Waiting. Waiting for who? My uncle. Your uncle? Hi, Uncle. This is the house detective. Pardon me, Sir. I didn’t realize he was your nephew. Just checking up. Quite so. Well, Your Highness? I’m sorry, Sir. Explain yourself! Well, he came in and wanted to know what I was doing and when he said he was a cop, I got scared. So I said I was waiting for my uncle and then you came in. Why pick on me for your uncle? You were the only one around. Thank you. The weather seems to be clearing up, so our friend can be on his way. Meet Prince Rupert. What? Been telling the house detective I’m his uncle. I knew something like this would happen. I’m sorry. I’ll go. Don’t be foolish, your clothes are still wet. Jaume, you’d better buy him some new ones. Three gentlemen from where? The Atomic Commission? I can’t hear. They’re leaving Washington today? They’re on their way! We’re cut off. They said they’re leaving today or they’re on their way. It was a bad connection. If they’re on their way we’d better

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