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Fast Sponge Bob Math

Fast Sponge Bob Math


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Fast Sponge Bob Math Description

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That’s a parody, okay? What are you talking about? My good is my good, your good is yours. What… You’re not making any sense… One gains, another loses. Audrey, maybe we shouldn’t see each other anymore. What? There it is. There’s the coward I met earlier. You know? Just at least till you guys work this out. We’re… We’re done working this out. We’re separating. You know he tried to take me to a strip club earlier? What-what do you want from me, Eric? Huh? You won, okay? I’ll leave your wife alone. No. Patrick. you, I’m a coward. You just can’t bring yourself to tell her the truth, Patrick, that you are done with her. You don’t love her. You never have and you never will. ‘Cause guys like you, you get married when it’s hot, but then you leave your wives when it’s cold. Guys like you don’t fight, you roll over. Look, I’m done discussing this. I got to thank you, Patrick. It took me meeting you to remind myself that I’m a good man and I’m worthy of Audrey. Go yourself. That’s fitting. Your only retort is a ual one. Maybe this whole night was just a set-up from the beginning. Maybe this whole night was just a set-up from the beginning. So, is that it? Are we done? I hate you. Where the hell are we? Huh? Where are you going, Eric? My good is my good and your good is yours. Where are you taking us? What one gains, another loses. Where are you taking us? Stop the car before I break your goddamn neck. Go ahead, tough guy. We can crash the car and all go together. Eric. You’re… you’re nuts. Wormwood’s a liar. Eric, let’s just go home. Come on, stop the car, Eric. Let’s just… Let’s just go home. We can go to counseling. I won’t see Patrick anymore. Look, I… I won’t see her anymore, Eric. Eric. You’re going a little fast, man. Eric? Eric, you’re scaring me. Stop the car! Hey, slow down, man. You’re going too fast. Honey. Sweetie. Slow down! You’re scaring me! Watch out! What the ? What is it? Eric? What is that? Should we m-… Shouldn’t we make sure he’s okay? Eric, make sure he’s okay. I don’t think he’s okay. Do something. I’ll go. Open up the door, Eric. Why is there a body in the road? Maybe he just, like, passed out. I don’t know, maybe he got hit by a car. I’m sure it’s fine. Where are we? What were you thinking? We’re not far, okay? We’re just outside of Chester. I don’t know, I just… What? You just what? You’re acting like a maniac. Oh, my god. Calm down. Wait, he probably knows this person. Turn around, Patrick. Calm down. It’s fine. See? Oh! Holy ! Oh, my god! What happened? Eric? Stay here. What-…? Should I call the police? No! Why not? Eric! Eric! Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Oh, god. Oh, my god. . Hello? Yeah, I’m, uh… I’m in my… I’m in my car somewhere outside of Chester. I don’t… I don’t know where. I… I heard gunshots. I’m… I’m afraid somebody has been shot. I don’t know. I’m… I’m looking for my husband. I don’t… I don’t know where he is. No. No, no, no. I ca-… I can’t stay here. I g-… I need to leave. There he is. Eric. Eric, get in the car. Eric, get in. I saw their faces.

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