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Fast Sweet girl Escape

Fast Sweet girl Escape


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Fast Sweet girl Escape Description

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I don’t know how they did it, but they did. Now, as your CFO, I am telling you we need new clients. Clients with deep pockets. It’s time to modernize. Charles, did you know about this? The company’s been backsliding for a while now, so we had to address this. Elizabeth, the big ad agencies aren’t family businesses anymore. They’re conglomerates. We’re talking branding, sales promotions, multimedia productions, interactive marketing, all the You’ve got days before these offices close for the Christmas break. We need to turn up the heat, fast. A lot can happen in days. What’s the quota? Wow. I’ve got some good news. You can tell the board of directors that I have a plan. Really? A plan? Yeah. I’m bringing in someone to assist with our efforts. That means you’re spending more money. What do you mean, assist? He’s one of the fastest-rising young executives in our business. He singlehandedly got the Carter Corporation account for OmniPublic. That was a $ million deal. Well, who is this miracle worker? Robert? Hey, Boss. You. Hi. I’m sorry. I’m at a loss. I can fix that, though. I’m Robert Morgan. Elizabeth, Louis, I’d like you to meet our newest team member Robert. How are you, sir? Robert. Charles, how could you do this without consulting me first? This is my VP, Elizabeth Watson. And thank you for the generous gift to the staff. It’s very thoughtful. It’s my pleasure. Just wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity to play. I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Cappuccino? No, thanks. I’m already wearing one. And no offense, but I am perfectly capable of handling this situation on my own. Cappuccino? Sure. Sweetener? Sure. I’m sure you can. I just want to contribute however possible. Charles, please. Elizabeth, no one’s doubting your talent or creativity. It’s just that Robert has people skills. People what? Elizabeth, if you really want to succeed in this business, you have to get the client to like you. And to do that, you have to listen. Listen to the client, listen to the marketplace. I wasn’t asking you. Elizabeth

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