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Faster Fly The Birdie Adventure

Faster Fly The Birdie Adventure


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Faster Fly The Birdie Adventure Description

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I should have bought it for her sooner. Hye-ji! I’m right here! This is our family! You, me and Toya. I have gold tooth right here! The gold crayon is only for grandma. This gold tooth is my best feature! Please color it gold! No! Then… I’ll give you won to color it gold. Here’s won. Thank you! So, make it gold. I still can’t. Then, give me my won back. Hye-ji, stop right there! Are you going to see your dad today? Yes. Does that make you happy? Yes, it does! Dad, eat this. Everyone wants me to draw them because I’m so talented! I will draw grandma first and then you. Hye-ji! Dad, see you! Let’s go to bed. Can’t I finish coloring your hair? We have to wake up early to fly to a wedding tomorrow. Let’s sleep. Sleep closer to me so you won’t get cold. My grandchild is already making my life easier. Grandma, What’s a wedding? A wedding is… A man and woman becoming partners. What about my dad’s partner? Do you miss your mom? No, I have you. Take advantage of today’s sale! Take your time. How much is that? , won. It’s expensive. Oh the little girl knows that’s my shop as well. Grandma! It’s so pretty, I want it! Come here. Get over here. I’ll sell you those two pieces at , won. Let me see. It’s very pretty. Hye-ji. Hye-ji! Hye-ji! Hye-ji! years later Excuse me. Yes? How may I help you? Is this any good? It’s a great foundation. How much is this? , won. It’s not that expensive. Please look around. Hye-ji, let’s go. Thank you, come again. Hey, are you crazy? Give it back! You are crazy! What did you steal? I’m killing you. They cut off our electricity. It’s so cold, I can see my breath. You should steal more valuable stuff. I’m starving. I’m not going to lend you any of these! You should just get another eye. I’m thousand won away from a nose job. Don’t spread embarrassing pictures of me when I become an idol star. Don’t use my precious makeup to draw pictures! Get back to making your eyes pretty. Okay, I will. What the hell is it? Picture? Picasso? Why are they laughing so loud? Were you talking about me? No.

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