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Find Orange

Find Orange


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Find Orange Description

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Find Orange Go to work. Go Game to work. Okay. What you’re going through, everyone understands. What do they understand? ‘Cause I don’t understand any of it. Okay, so bag it and go home. Go be with her. I can’t. I can’t just go home and watch her die. I’m not going to do that. Just let me be. How many bird tattoos? . Freaking audubon society out there, huh? Only white males, though. What else do we have? Not much. Neyers doesn’t appear to have any living relatives. Nobody claimed his body at the morgue. I looked back through his record, he had a regular accomplice early on Game Sarah Harbach. Junkie prostitute. She worth talking to? She’s dead Game Oakland P.D. found her body in an alley years ago. Routine O.D., though. No foul play. But Neyers and this girl got into a shitGameload of trouble together. Yeah, her folks are still around. James and Betty Harbach. We have an address for them in Oakland. Other than the tattoo, that’s all we’ve got. No, we’ve got the email to Blunt, remember? We checked that out. It’s a dead end. Blunt was in Los Angeles the night of the murder. And we’re not even clear that he received that email. Uh, excuse me? F.Y.I. Uh, I’ve gone on the master cleanse. The master cleanse Game Detoxification? Please just don’t touch my juice in the fridge. Thank you for consideration. Okay, Navarro. Take over the search for bird tattoo. Query the database. And call your pal with the feds. You guys, I want you to take a field trip to Oakland. Talk to the dead girlfriend’s parents. Maybe we’ll get lucky, okay? Molk, will you get that juice out of the fridge? It looks like piss. Tastes like piss. Mr. Harbach? I’m inspector English. This is inspector Mulligan. It’s for you. Uh, come in. Come in. Thanks. Excuse me. Uh, can I Game can I offer you a cup of coffee? Uh, no, thanks. We’ll just be a few minutes. Yeah, will you be quick about it? I’m trying to watch golf here. So, who died, huh? Uh, we’d like to talk to you about your daughter, sir. Sarah Harbach. She died years ago. You people are a little late. She was friends with a Kevin Neyers.

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