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Find the key 2

Find the key 2


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Find the key 2 Description

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Find the key 2 No, I work as a headhunter. In the recruitment business, for Alfa. I see. One of the partners. What do you mean? Well, I complimented your wife here on her expensive earrings. She said they were a present from you. Yes. The best of us get good bonus deals. I wish we had those in my line of work as well. Sperre? Yes? Were from VG. Could we have a photo? Of course. Hi. How nice of you to come. Roger? Are you coming? Look at this. The Calydonian Boar Hunt, by Rubens. It was stolen when the Game s looted the gallery in Antwerp in . Its been missing ever since. Do you know where it is now? No. In Clas Graves apartment in Oscar Street. What? Clas Graves grandmother had a secret love affair with a Game officer during the war. But he was arrested and shot a few days later. She panicked, fearing someone would discover the relationship. And then she hid the painting? Yes, something of the sort. Oh well, but its not genuine. I dont think Game officers collected reproductions, Roger. Well, why did he tell you about it? He came by the gallery to ask if I could evaluate it or if I knew someone who could. Youre saying that Clas Greve has a genuine Rubens hanging in his apartment in Oscar Street? Yes. Here in Oslo? Yes. But I offered to contact an art museum to have it moved as soon as possible. Next week. You dont place a painting like this in a safedeposit box. How much do you think its worth? Tens of millions. Maybe a hundred. Do you know what I think? I think we should celebrate. Celebrate what? That you opened your own gallery. And the two of us. Thanks for supporting me, Roger. Everything is going to be fine. What do you mean? That you and I should start thinking about the future. Ove here. We have a candidate. Do you know what the time is? His name is Clas Greve. He lives in Oscar Street. What, he is grave? No, his name is Greve. Ove? Ove, whats happening? Ove? Sorry. Natasha is here. Come again? Meet me at the cabin tomorrow. No, not tomorrow! Its Saturday. Ive got her for the whole weekend. We want to do something nice.

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