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Finding Pirate Treasure Time 4

Finding Pirate Treasure Time 4


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Finding Pirate Treasure Time 4 Description

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Finding Pirate Treasure Time 4 We suppose your performance will improve rapidly within the specialized care. It is a big chance for you. Congratulations. What is the specialized care? Each athlete uses different harmless supporting means within his or her health program. Each program is built individually. And me, in particular? You’ll stop taking the vitamine B and start taking Stromba. What is it? Stromba supports growth of muscle tissue and speeds regeneration. We’re starting today. Now I want you to sign the agreement. Naturally, it stays among us. The second document is a pledge of secrecy. But why is it secret? Because the headquarters have made this decision. Break your leg. Comrade, can I talk to you? I’m not sure about that girl. Even the headquarters questioned her as a proper candidate. But comrade, Anna won the championship without difficulty. meters in , seconds, that’s incredible time. Naturals like her come once in years. Anna is really good, comrade. She could bring us medals. We hope so otherwise we would never enroll her in our program. But any misconduct of hers would upset the Union for sure. You’re in the Centre on trial yourself. Next time keep your mouth shut. I promised you’d be good. I got scolded by Kracik. What have I done to him? It’s not you but everyone remembers what your mum was doing in so you’d better be good. What’s all the fuss about signing? Not everyone got enrolled. Think. You are the lucky one. Lie down, I’ll give you the injection and no more talking. How often will you give it to me? Once a day for two weeks, then two weeks off, then another two weeks. What? Too shy? With me? Come on, lie down. Good night. Coach? Give me the Stromba, my mum will do it for me. What? My mum could give me the Stromba injections. No, it’s my responsibility. She gives me the B and no one minds. It’s not the same. I signed a deal to keep this under my control. You know me, coach. And you know my mum too. Please. Hello. They don’t care if you do it or someone else does. Well, let your mother look after your ass for all I care.

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