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Fish Multiplication

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  • Fish Multiplication

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    very little about cinema. I think he observed me and he knew right away where we went… He anticipated, like that… He stole things form me… while I didn’t notice, that’s how great directors are. Most directors… who got the right to call themselves directors are like vampires. And I thing that’s alright. ‘Cause this vampirization of other people’s ideas, which brings them to their own ideas, only serves to enrich their own ideas. Claude was extremely curious about others. He listened, very well. He posed questions whenever he got interested, you could see his eyes starting to shine. Even with people about which you couldn’t imagine that they had a special life or romantic or whatever. No, any one. That interested him. And in there, naturally, he gleaned many excellent things. He was a real peep, you see? He had this accuracy… of life… with only that small discrepancy… and… even when the actors are a bit extreme, it’s ’cause the situation requires it and it’s spot on! Very much spot on. He told you very little, but it was… essential. He got you going right away, it was… essential. There are plenty of directors who talk a lot, who tell you heaps of things. But… but which don’t always get through to the actors. He, he knew exactly what had to be said to the actors. So that they’ll be… like that. Exactly spot on. What I don’t like is to ‘explain’ to actors. I hate that. So I have to find any means to… take him, make him move, guide him to a position which he won’t take consciously. Once the actor accomplished what I wanted, I demystify. I tell him, after I influenced him that way, in a way that our relationship will be healthy. I tell him “I told you that, “but I wanted you to do this, or else, we’d have spent hours on it!” I ask myself how they do it, ’cause I have a dirty mania, of mimicking the scenes. In fact it’s very funny, since I’m very nervous! But the actors understand perfectly. I think there’s a mimetic thing at play here, with all the actors I’ve filmed with.

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