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Frankentory Big Time

Frankentory Big Time


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Frankentory Big Time Description

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Tra-la-laaaa! Now, this is how you run a school! Free the children! Wait a minute. What the How did this I don’t understand. Help! What the You You two. Your friendship is no more. What? George! Harold! Harold! Come back! George, I’m right here! I’m right here! Oh, no! No, no! Don’t leave me! I won’t! I won’t, George! Harold! No, no! Wait, wait! Stop! George! This thing is amazing, Professor P. You could probably solve world hunger with an invention like this. P! More importantly how do I look? Just like you do in this comic! Good! Now, hands off the merchandise, and go fetch your little toilet, okay? I call it “The Turbo” Yeah, yeah. Couple of gold stars for you, kiddo. Let the Poopageddon begin! Whoo-ee! What? Oh, you’ve gotta be joking me! Poopypants has no gas! You can’t write this stuff. Where would a burgeoning villain find unlimited power? True power comes from within. No, it doesn’t, Melvin! That’s on posters! It comes from enormous energy sources! A nuclear waste dump. I see where you’re going. A poisonous chemical factory. Or perhaps a place even more toxic! Whoo! These leftovers got a kick. Oh, it’s a powerful smell. Back in business, baby! Memorize these elements Oxygen. Beryllium. Boringillium. Lameium. Snoronium. Excuse me, everybody, there’s a giant Do not interrupt while I’m reading monotone from my textbook! But the toilet! Ugh Just go. Harold? George? Students and faculty of Jerome Horwitz Elementary the world, as you know it, is about to go extinct. And a new world order is about to rise! One that is, you know, honestly pretty similar to the old world order except for one tiny detail Melvin? Comin’ atcha! Powered by Melvin’s unique neurology I will successfully disable the Hahaguffawchuckleamalus of every single child at Jerome Horwitz Elementary. For I, Professor Poopypants. .. Yeah, it’s a funny name. It just makes you laugh and laugh, right? Get down! Still give you the chuckles now? Poopypants! I don’t get it. Why is that funny? Perfect! Finally! You’re Speaking my language! Oh, no. This is bad.

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