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Frozen Winter Tale

Frozen Winter Tale


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Frozen Winter Tale Description

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Frozen Winter Tale We’ll let you know which way we’re going on the day of the fight. Faster? Yes! OK. Ahh! OK, that’s it for today, guys. She’s so beautiful. Tonight I’ll have a fight. A big fight. Lots of money. And if I win, I’d like to take you and Nicole away from this place, away from this city, and leave all the bad stuff behind us. There’s basically no problem. No problems. It’ll be clear. Absolutely sure. It’s going great. Do you understand what I’m saying? You don’t understand at all, right? Open the door. Madhouse out there, man. Hey, hey, hey, my man. Hey, huh. Lookit here. You ready to get rich? Throw a few. Throw a few. Ohh. I took all my money out of the bank and put a bet on myself. We’re going to win that fight. Confidence. That’s what I like to hear, man. You know what I’m saying? All right, what is it, man? You been hiding something all week long. What’s going down, man? Nothing. Nothing, huh? Nothing. You know what’s circulating out there, man? Huh? million motherin’ dollars, man. Cynthia’s friends have come through like a motherer. Then I hear this shit about Attila. This dude’s already bagged eight bodies. I’ll beat him. Beat him? How, if you’re all ed up? I’ll beat the guy. I have to. You don’t have to do shit, motherer, but get yourself ed up like I did. Is that what you want? Be out running $. fights for winos and junkies? I’m going to take you away from this shitty business. You and my family. Even Cynthia, if she wants to. Cynthia, man? Do you think Cynthia gives a flying about you? Huh? You know what your problem is, man? You got a big heart, Lionheart. You’re strong as a lion, man. But this right here, this Game this is what s you up and leaves you bleeding on the mothering ground with nobody to give a twobit shit about your ass. Nobody gives a shit about you but you, man. Nobody. You care about me. I’m going to win that fight. You’ve got to trust me. Hey, Joshua. Hey, uh Game who you betting on? Look at the board. The wind’s definitely blowing in our direction. I didn’t ask you that. I asked you who you’re betting on. Why?

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