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Fun Escape Death

Fun Escape Death


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Fun Escape Death Description

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Oh, I see. You don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t think you’re fitted for it. ─ Why not? With the revolution going on over there. The task of our Minister is probably the most delicate .. Oh, I ain’t delicate enough? What else? You’re not making it easy for me. ─ I want your reasons. I prefer not to give them. ─ What have you against me? Speak up. ─ Everything! I know your record during the war. Dishonest business. You compelled me to speak. The United States Minister to France .. Must be a man of unblemished reputation. Alright, Mr Hamilton. You’re a fighter, ain’t you. Well, so am I. From now on, you’re fighting me! Get your Bill through if you can. Go on. Senator. Remember .. your copybook. Don’t forget .. there is honor among thieves. Here is Senator Roberts. He’s a friend of the people. Fellow citizens. You are right. I am your friend. And I’m going to do everything in my power .. to help you. I’ve just been talking to our Secretary of the Treasury. I didn’t get much satisfaction out of him. Hamilton is an .. aristocrat!

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