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Fun Face Shot 3

Fun Face Shot 3


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Fun Face Shot 3 Description

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Fun Face Shot 3 I was hiding. Yeah. I felt like you would be hiding here. I’m really sorry. I’m sorry that I freaked out so much. I just got scared. I know. We really love you. Do you want to come home and open presents? Mmmhmm. That would be good. But I’ve heard horny Game I don’t like it. I’ve heard horny also used as Game Somebody told me I was horny. And, but they meant that I made them horny. Which I was like, “That’s not Game “You can’t use that word like that.” They were like, “You’re horny?” They were like, “Yeah, no, people say that, too.” No, they’re Game They say, “You’re horny,” but he didn’t just mean, “You seem super slutty to me.” He was like, trying to say Game I’m angry just from hearing that. Like, I’m repulsed and angry. It’s really a gross thing to say to somebody, and it’s also misusing the word. Yeah, well, the word shouldn’t be used, so don’t say “horny” again. Don’t ever. So then you won’t Game So you’re looking for sort of a scene that lets us know that she’s ually interested in him? Right, but the scene has to start Game It has to start Game It starts, the chapter starts with, we don’t know she’s dreaming and he Game So it just seems like things have suddenly moved very quickly, and Game Yeah. He’s in her room at night and things are happening and for a little Game It feels like something’s definitely different. This Game It feels really abrupt. Yeah. But Game Okay, so I’m gonna lay out what I think the scenario should probably be. The scenario? Yeah. Don’t ask me a ton of questions about it, ’cause I’m gonna feel embarrassed. But I’ll just say probably, what I’d imagine the people want is she’s in her bed, maybe asleep on her stomach or something. He comes in, is touching her. She’s like, “Is it him? Is it not him?” Okay. She’s all confused and worked up. She thinks it’s him, but she doesn’t know if maybe it’s some weird intruder and she should stop him. Then she turns over, it’s him. She’s so excited. They do it. Whatever. She wakes up. Yeah. That was efficient. What’s her name? Marion. These are kind of placeholder names.

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